Welcome to the IFK

The Interessengemeinschaft Frankfurter Kreditinstitute (IFK) is committed to strengthening the Frankfurt financial centre.

Our particular focus lies on supporting financial science projects at Frankfurt universities because we strongly believe in the great value of education and research for the finance hub. A strong infrastructure of educational institutions is central to training young talent and driving innovation. For us, investments in education represent investments in the future strength of the financial centre.

For this reason, we have been a partner of Goethe University and the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management for many years. Our partnership with the Frankfurt School for example is fostered by our annual ‚IFK Awards‘ that we have been awarding to the best graduates for over 30 years. Another illustration of our cooperation are our diversity scholarships, which we granted in 2021.

For us, supporting the financial centre also includes sponsoring social and cultural projects. This year, we particularly emphasise the importance of art and culture by supporting the project close up of the Staedel museum. This project aims at strengthening the democratisation of art and making it accessible to a broad audience – not just on site at the museum but also virtually online.

Our social engagement in previous years includes the support the of Corona Fund by the Goethe University & the University Hospital in Frankfurt. Elsewhere, we provided contributions to the local children’s and youth welfare organisation ‚Die Arche‘.

Financial centres benefit from the establishment of international institutions because they provide economic stimulus, promote the exchange of knowledge and strengthen networks. That is why we actively supported Frankfurt’s application in 2021 to host the International Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB). The application was successful and the ISSB is now the headquartered in Frankfurt and develops global standards for sustainability, which are of great importance for industrial companies and financial institutions. The addition of the ISSB to Frankfurt’s already prominent scene of international institutions has further consolidated its profile in the important field of sustainability.

Our shareholders represent the three pillars of the German banking industry. In 2024 we celebrate our 75th anniversary.

“We are a platform for dialogue with one common goal: strengthening Frankfurt’s position as a leading international financial centre.“

1Pillars of the German banking system

the Frankfurt
financial centre

Education &


Together for a strong
Frankfurt financial centre

The IFK has eleven shareholders, which represent the three pillars of the German banking industry: private banks as well as savings banks and cooperative institutions. This community has one common goal: to strengthen the Frankfurt financial centre.

  • ABN AMRO Bank N.V. Frankfurt Branch
  • B. Metzler seel. Sohn & Co. AG, Frankfurt am Main
  • Commerzbank AG, Frankfurt am Main
  • Credit Suisse AG, Zürich
  • Deutsche Bank AG, Frankfurt am Main
  • DZ BANK AG, Frankfurt am Main
  • Frankfurter Sparkasse AöR, Frankfurt am Main
  • Frankfurter Volksbank RHEIN-MAIN eG
  • Hauck Aufhäuser Lampe Privatbank AG, Frankfurt am Main (via FidesKapital Gesellschaft für Kapitalbeteiligungen mbH)
  • Landesbank Hessen-Thüringen Girozentrale, Frankfurt am Main
  • ODDO BHF SE, Frankfurt am Main

Shareholdings of the
Frankfurter Kreditinstitute

The IFK has two important shareholdings:
It holds stakes in the WM Group and in the Bürgschaftsbank Hessen.

The WM Group has been providing data and information services since 1947. This makes it a key player in the financial centre and contributes to the further development of the financial markets. Its products and services include the Börsen-Zeitung and the WM Datenservice.


The Bürgschaftsbank Hessen has been offering its customers financial guarantees since 1954. By doing this it compensates for missing collateral vis-à-vis the financing bank or savings bank. The Bürgschaftsbank Hessen thus plays an important role in the promotion of economic development.


“We strongly promote education and research because today’s talents will shape tomorrow’s financial centre.“